Personalized sewing pattern generation system


Everybody knows the hardships of buying clothing online from tiresome browsing through the infinite offer to trying to guess what this particular size will turn out to be in this particular manufacturer’s execution. Market researchers claim that up to half of the clothing items purchased online are returned due to imperfect fit!

Today's consumers take personalization for granted, but fashion is the industry struggling with it most. Only 1 in 250 people possess standard, average body measurements, but the number of models produced will always be limited to certain ordinary types and sizes. The result is an incredible waste of resources and a negative impact on the environment.

Conventional tailors customize their products by manually draping and adjusting standard size patterns to a body. Current computerized flat pattern generation methods require a complex process of creating a personalized pattern archive, but made-to-measure garments most often do not fit correctly. Repeated fitting is time-consuming and complicates the production process.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

We offer a sustainable and cost-efficient solution for manufacturing individually customized designs, as quickly as contemporary clients are shopping.