Personalized sewing pattern generation system

Bringing the Tailor-made Fashion Industry to E-commerce

Advantages for your
made-to-measure business


Addressing the individual needs of each client by providing personalized tailor-made clothing.

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Use of a revolutionary new algorithm that generates pixel-perfect patterns, sustaining base integrity across all variations of the body.

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Streamline your operations from customer service to manufacturing.

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Integrating different body measurement systems, Fashion CAD programs and manufacturing requirements.

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It is All About a Better Fit!

With an ever-increasing customer appetite for customization on the one hand, and e-commerce growth across all sectors, the multimillion-dollar question for the fashion industry is simple:

How does one address individual needs on an industrial-scale?

More about the industry

Commercial applications

Bring tailor-made online

Provide personalized clothing from your designs all-around the world. Offer your services online for both genders.

Integrate in existing platform

Integrate tailor-made clothing into your sales platform. Reap revenue from a rapidly growing new segment and a cost-efficient service.

Sell sewing patterns

Crush your competitors with the precision of a revolutionary algorithm by providing personalized sewing patterns online.

The Next Level of Tailor-made


  • Access to tailor-made clothing online
  • Corporate tailor-made uniform solutions
  • Faster production

Fitdex Empowered Platform

  • Connecting customers and tailor manufacturers easily
  • Minimized returns
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Flexible opportunities

Fashion Producers

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased sustainability
  • New market opportunities

How Does It Work?

1. Customer

Provides measurements in a simple mobile interface.

Customer provides its measurement data in-app or on the website for a single purchase or personal profile.

2. Online store

Provides selection of designs and customer service.

Online store sells clothing: provides designs, manages client service and payments.

3. Fitdex algorithm

Creates unique SVG/DXF pattern files and sewing specifications.

The algorithm generates a completely new sewing pattern by fitting the customer’s measurement data the seller’s clothing design in less than 30 seconds.

4. Manufacture

Makes the item according to the specified design.

The tailor-made garment factory receives the SVG/DXF pattern file and sewing specifications to create the item ordered by the customer.

5. Delivery service

Brings the purchased item to the customer.



Martins Bute

CMO & Sales & Co-founder


Zane Bicevska

Technical lead & Co-founder


Tomass Dzenis



Liene Dejus

CPO & Co-founder design and technology


Ieva Bratuskina

Lead Pattern making Specialist
B.Des. Material design and technology


Liva Sietina

Lead Pattern making Specialist
B.Des. Material design and technology


Andrejs Neimanis

Software Architect
Graduated Mathematician


Ivo Oditis



Karlis Freivalds
Research Laboratory


Edgars Celms
Research Laboratory


Edgars Diebelis
Business Unit